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Updated: Apr 8


A fire-ball of fun to assault the eye-balls! An elopement for the rebels and the runaways...


Loxley: A disused factory near Sheffield.

Inspiration & Styling

When I came across Ellie and Jake (That Odd Couple) online, I just knew I had to shoot them. I got in touch with Lottie Spencer and this when True Romance was born. Alabama Worley and Clarence have nothing on these two. A chaotic explosion of iridescent fun and frolics, imagine The Joker and Harley have eloped and you might just find them hidden away causing carnage in a location a little like this one!

Fashion & Beauty

True Romance meets a disco ball. Buttercups Florist designed the insanely creative floral boa with sprayed, matt pink orchids. The iridescent shimmer of the super-fun 'Bride' military style hat is perfect for your festival styled wedding, elopement or bachelorette party!

All images and footage shown are owned by Fineshade Films.


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