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Artful storytelling & authenticity transcends throughout our work and our connection with our clients. From our first conversations with you, to effortlessly weaving through & connecting with your family & guests on your day, our values guide us in creating genuine connections, understanding your story, and delivering timeless, elegant heirlooms.


We know that when you choose us, we become intrinsically involved in your legacy. The dog-eared, well-loved images-of-the-future are being moulded by our very hands. What an honour! And with this process, we leave our legacy behind too.

We adore what we do. It is a genuine privilege seeing all that is wonderful about humanity summed up in the ten-hour-whirlwind that is your wedding day. Your indelible print on the world which captures a brief moment in time and will be here longer than we are. A little piece of history. This is not something we take lightly and we believe our work should reflect as closely as possible the honesty of the day and the authenticity of each connection we capture.

Cute couples portrait sat on the floor with no shoes on.

We are Danielle and Martin, a husband and wife team, based in Northamptonshire, on the outskirts of Cambridgeshire with a shared passion for capturing love stories.

Our journey began not just with our business but with our own wedding in 2016, marking the birth of Fineshade, the start of a new chapter in our lives and the welcoming of our fourth baby - which has brought us over 7 years of creative adventures and a sense of fulfilment we could only have dreamed of before taking the leap and stepping into our visions.

Our backgrounds are deeply woven in film and photography, with a collective two decades of teaching at GCSE and A Level. Martin, with his impressive background in music technology, adds a cool, rhythmic & methodical touch to our work, while Danielle brings artistic, authentic storytelling and a genuine love for humanity. 

Professional studio portrait of woman sat on a wooden chair with a plain white background.
Professional studio portrait of smiling man sat on a wooden stool with a plain white background.
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We both lead in every aspect of the process, from consulting with clients to shooting & editing your day and we wouldn't want it any other way. You might find us at your wedding covering either videography or photography – we both love both disciplines and we both edit photography and film, too. We often split weddings and so you might have Martin, Danielle, or one of the lead photographers/videographers on our small team leading the day. Our small team, largely composed of our former film and photography students, perfectly matches & mirrors our values and we trust implicitly - please believe us when we say there is no way we would leave our fourth child in anything other than the safest hands!

Meet the team

Fineshade Films team member, lead videographer Ethan


You could meet Ethan if you’ve booked us for videography or photography. He is in his final year of studying Film Practice at the University of the Arts London. He is an ex student of Martin's and believe us when we say student like Ethan don't come along very often. He is destined for great things!


He specialises as a cinematographer and has worked on a variety of different productions (documentary, shorts films and music videos) but also has a keen eye for photography.


Black and white portrait of young woman smiling at a dinner table.


Emily first and second shoots with us  for photography and film but she has her own freelance photography and videography business too. She is the safest pair of hands and very talented. Her other super power is her ability to quietly and confidently put people at ease with her warm, can-do attitude. 


Erin is another member of our little crew and we are very lucky to have her on board. She might just shoot your highlights film for you! Once upon a time, Danielle taught Erin media and film as a sixth form student (and a fabulous student she was!). We kept in touch and here we are today! She is currently studying film at the University of Northampton where she studies a Joint Honours course that focuses on both the practical and theoretical side of film-making. She's a big romance fan and enjoys periodic films, shows and books like Bridgerton and Atonement. She would love to work on a Netflix set. 

Black and white portrait of young woman smiling.


You might meet Max if you’ve booked us for videography. He first and second shoots with us and I’m sure you’ll love him as much as we do! He filmed our very own wedding back in 2017 - we can't sing his praises more highly than that! He has shot many weddings now and is highly educated in film. Max was a film student at University of the Arts London following an apprenticeship in digital marketing.

He works as a freelancer creating visuals for musicians, artists

and performers for their online brand alongside managing social channels. He has also worked on large productions (e.g. Netflix projects, music videos, short form drama) 

Black and white portrait of young man. Mid-shot.

Love Letters

Dark, candle-lit photo of a luxury wedding breakfast table.

"Danielle! We've just finished looking at our pictures and reliving the day and omg!! i don't even know where to begin...How did you get round and take so many beautiful photos of so many different people and things?!? How did you make us look so good, I have a loooong list of ones I want to get printed and framed!!! I cannot get over how insanely beautiful the photos and the editing are! And just how many you took! Also a huge thank you to Martin for the engagement shoot and making us so comfortable in front of the camera because it paid off in the photos!

Anita & Alex

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