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Celestial Autumnal Magic: Sophie & David, Exmoor.

Updated: Apr 8

"Oh my god. We've just seen them.... Wow wow wow wow wow Danielle we are in absolute awe and in love with them.... Thank you for everything. They're incredible.... So beautiful. You're honestly amazing"


Bespoke Bridal gown: Catherine Blades Couture

Hair & MU:

Bridal shoes: Monsoon

VW Campervan: Wedding Day Wagon

Florals: Artificial Hannah

Reception Venue: Croydon Hall

Church: Selworthy Church

Beach: Porlock Weir

Evening Gown:

Engagement ring and wedding band:

Music: Martin the Music Maestro

When it comes to wedding vibes, mixing cosmic charm with the cozy, earthy vibes of autumn can make for an enchanting and unforgettable celebration. Picture a wedding that's all about the stars and moons, set against the backdrop of autumn's warm and inviting colours. In this post, we're going to show you how to create your very own celestial-inspired autumn wedding, just like Sophie and David did.

Celestial-Inspired Bridal Style: First things first, let's talk about the star of the show – the bride, Sophie! Her wedding gown was nothing short of a masterpiece, with delicate stars and moon embroidery. Imagine having a custom-made dress that perfectly matches your vision. Sophie chose detachable sleeves for that extra flexibility and to change it up as the day progressed, and a train that flowed like ocean foam for that perfect ethereal touch.

Autumnal Colour Palette: For the floral arrangements, go wild with the rich and warm autumn shades. Think deep burgundy, fiery orange, and rustic gold. Artificial flowers can be stunning, and you may find you get more bang for your buck... The best part is you can effortlessly move them from the church to the reception barn. Sophie's hair complements the autumn color palette of the florals and table settings. You could incorporate some fall foliage into her hairstyle or use matching hair accessories to tie it all together beautifully.

Quaint Church with Scenic Views: For the ceremony, choose a cute little church with panoramic views of the countryside. . Perfect for a celestial-themed wedding. To make your exit from the church or your grand entrance to the reception extra special, toss some star-spangled confetti. It's pure magic and creates amazing photo moments.

Unique Ride: Sophie and David rocked up to their wedding in a Volkswagen camper van, and let's just say, it added a whole lot of whimsy and boho charm. It's not just a cool ride; it's also a fantastic prop for your wedding photos. If your schedule/location allows, consider a beach photoshoot with the Volkswagen camper van. The beach backdrop combined with the van's charm will give you some stunning snapshots.

Sparkling Evening Reception Attire: When the evening festivities roll around, surprise your guests with a jaw-dropping gold sparkly reception dress for Sophie. It's her time to shine under the starry ceiling – literally!

Fun Photography Session: Here's a cute idea and the proof is right here! – we let Sophie and David play photographers for a bit! I handed over my camera for them to snap shots of each other. See how their faces have lit up and they will always reflect on these shots and remember that moment on a really personal level. Super special!


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