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Lily & Craig, Scrivelsby Walled Garden.

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Lily + Craig smashed that getting married malarky. I don't think I saw either of them anywhere in that grey area between laughing or crying. They had the rainbow of emotions, from one end of the spectrum to the other with no in-between. Craig was another one of our grooms who entirely lead the booking. As Lily walked down the aisle, the sun popped out (and burned us all to a crisp) )and Craig struggled to hold it together. In fact, he didn't hold it together at all. Neither did Lily's dad for that matter (her husband and Dad have this very much in common) Craig later referred to this moment as his nan sending them some lovely sunshine for this most precious moment.

Several times through their day, they both said to us...... we've been watching and looking at your other weddings and we've been wondering for so long what our day will look like. Well wonder no further as this is a little preview into exactly what your day looked like. What your love looks like. I hope we've done you proud as it was easy from our end: this is you two and your exciting, fun, bestie-style, overwhelming, romantic, dramatic, hilarious, wonderful love :)

Look out for the absolutely beautiful arch from Made by Zoe, and the hand-made macramé chair backs, crafted painstakingly with love (and sweat and tears I believe!) from Lily's sister Rose. Oh and the cutest hug between Craig and his mum. and the stunning pressed flower cake of dreams!!


Archway: Made by Zoe

MUA & hair: Alluring Make Up

Photography & Videography : Fineshade Films

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