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Would you consider a husband and wife team to shoot your wedding photography and videography?

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Recently, we have found clients and wedding guests are particularly intrigued by the fact we are married and work together! It is always met with lots of positivity and lots of questions so I thought I'd write up my own thoughts on this today!

Danielle Holden of Fineshade Studios in May 2023 at Dodford Manor, photographed by her husband Martin Holden during a working day together at a wedding.

Booking a wedding photography and videography team lead by a husband and wife can have several advantages:

Cohesive and Complementary Style:

A husband and wife team have a close working relationship, which means they are likely to have a complementary and cohesive photography and videography style. This can lead to a more consistent and polished final product.

Familiarity and Flexibility:

With a husband and wife team, you can benefit from the comfort and familiarity that comes with working with a close-knit team. They may be more in tune with each other's working style and be able to anticipate each other's needs, resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable experience for you. Martin and Danielle are equally comfortable shooting photography and videography and our business has developed with both disciplines being equally nurtured and prioritised. This means that we can be extremely flexible to the needs of your unique event and priorities. For example, If you need a second shooter in photography for just a small portion of the day, we can make that happen for you as we can discuss the schedule in advance and allocate the team according to your needs. Every wedding is different and is treated as such.

Better Communication:

Communication is crucial when it comes to wedding photography and videography. A husband and wife team that works together regularly can communicate more effectively with each other and with you, ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

More Efficient Workflow:

A husband and wife team can also work more efficiently together, resulting in a smoother and more streamlined workflow. They may be able to capture more shots in less time, which can be beneficial if you have a tight timeline for your wedding day.

Emotional Investment:

A husband and wife team may be more emotionally invested in capturing the special moments of your wedding day. They may understand the importance of these moments on a personal level and strive to capture them in the most meaningful way possible. They have both been on your side of the coin, too!

Fineshade Studios is lead by Danielle and Martin, who have been married for six years, but have known each other since they were kids!

Experienced Team:

Fineshade Studios has a small in-house team of second and first shooters who are former college students. Martin was Director of Media and Film across his school Trust, and Danielle taught for fourteen years; qualifying with an PGCE in Secondary English but quickly realising she had a love of all things contemporary and she fell in love with media and film and taught these subjects predominantly, for the majority ofher teaching career. As former teachers, they have a wealth of experience in not only their specialist subjects, but in the training and development of young people who wish to specialise in these skills.

This is a very unique set-up and we are yet to come across another photography and videography business which has such a close knit and consistent style across their team. Fineshade Studios are able to ensure that every angle and detail is captured in a way that is consistent with the team's vision. With a team that has worked together for up to five years, and the newest team members having been with them for two seasons, you can be confident that their team understands and reflects the style and vision of Martin & Danielle’s vision for their little family business.

Martin Holden of Fineshade Studios in May 2023 at Dodford Manor, photographed by his wife, Danielle Holden during a working day together at a wedding.

Shared Vision:

Fineshade Studios has a cohesive style that extends from their filming techniques to their, photographs, to their editing process. Martin and Danielle edit in-house, (literally... in their house!) which means that every photo and video has been reviewed and edited by two pairs of eyes before being released to the client. They treat each production with the same careful attention to detail and prior planning that is given to their clients on the day of the event. This level of attention to detail translates to a high level of quality and consistency in the final product.

The familiarity and comfort that come with working with a close-knit team are especially apparent with Fineshade Studios. Their team has a good understanding of each other's strengths and working style, resulting in a more relaxed and comfortable experience for clients. They also communicate more effectively with each other, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and that your vision is being captured. There are no clashes of style or vision and this allows for a more streamlined and efficient service on your day.

Efficient Workflow through to Post Production:

Booking Fineshade Studios will give you access to a team that works efficiently and effectively together, resulting in a smoother and more streamlined workflow. With all editing overseen and moderated in-house by Martin and Danielle, there is no need to outsource editing work to other companies, which can result in inconsistencies in style and vision. Instead, Martin and Danielle are able to maintain a consistent style throughout the entire project, which ensures that all of your photos and videos have a cohesive look and feel. They both consistently moderate each others work and review their techniques and make sure they both follow the same set of guidelines during editing to achieve consistency.

This ensures that your final product(s) will be polished, consistent, and a true reflection of the vision and style that you envisioned.

The Notley-Coles, North Cadbury Court, Somerset. December 2022.

Highlights film with audio plus a full day photography.

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