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Current Trend: Speeches between courses. Insights from a videography and photography team.

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Are you thinking of speeches between courses? Of course we will fully support you whatever your vision for your day looks like - we'll be there and cheering you on from the side lines!

However, our thoughts are outlined below. Some insights from your photography and videography team :) Here's why we don't necessarily recommend it.

Wedding speeches: would you have speeches between courses? Insights from a wedding photography and videography team.

Weddings are an exquisite blend of traditions and personal touches, which means every single wedding is unique - and we're here for it! We love that every wedding is different. Last season, a growing trend emerged: speeches between the starter, main course, and dessert as opposed to before or after food..This year it shows no sign of stopping. As wedding photographers and videographers, we witness firsthand the impact of this trend on the overall event and your final gallery and films. In this blog post, we will examine the pros and cons (from our point of view!) of having multiple speeches between courses from the perspective of those capturing the special moments.


Continuous Flow of Emotional Moments:

The presence of speeches between courses creates a continuous flow of emotional moments throughout the wedding breakfast With multiple speakers addressing the guests and the couple, heartfelt stories and well wishes add depth and sincerity to the event and creates a bonding experience. As photographers and videographers, we have the privilege of capturing these authentic emotions, creating a rich visual narrative that reflects the genuine joy and love shared by all.

Wedding speeches: would you have speeches between courses? Insights from a wedding photography and videography team.

Intimate Moments Preserved:

When speeches are interspersed between courses, it offers an opportunity for intimate and personal moments to unfold. Guests are more likely to share anecdotes, memories, and messages when they are surrounded by loved ones at the table. Having the speeches between courses gives the guests at tables a talking point, and a shared point of reference for conversation. As visual storytellers, we strive to document these interactions, and the best moments are when humans are connecting with each other! These intimate moments add a layer of depth and authenticity to your final photography and videography collection.


Delayed Running Times:

The inclusion of numerous speeches between courses can disrupt the overall timeline of the wedding day. Depending on the number of speakers and the duration of each speech, the event may run behind schedule. This delay can have a domino effect on subsequent events such as cake cutting, the first dance or those golden evening portraits.

Impact on the Kitchen:

Speeches between courses may also have a negative impact on the kitchen and the timely delivery of meals. Some speakers may overrun, or guests might be lost to the bar or the toilet and delay start times. This can place additional stress on the kitchen staff, leading to potential delays in serving the next course and the quality of the meal once it is served.

Wedding speeches: would you have speeches between courses? Insights from a wedding photography and videography team.

Disrupted Tablescapes:

One of the challenges posed by speeches between courses is the disruption they can cause to the aesthetics of the tablescapes. As guests focus on the speeches, plates and glasses may be left empty or in disarray. This can be a negative for photographers and videographers, as we aim to capture visually appealing images that showcase the beauty of the reception. Careful positioning and constant vigilance are required to minimize capturing unattractive scenes and maintain the desired aesthetic. And sometimes, it's just beyond help!

Operational Difficulties:

Multiple speeches between courses present operational challenges for the photography and videography team, as it can be difficult to anticipate and position ourselves for crucial shots. Capturing each speaker while maintaining a high level of quality becomes more demanding. This can result in missed opportunities or compromised visual documentation.

On a personal note...

A Moment to Recharge:

Wedding days can be physically and mentally demanding for the photography and videography team. Typically spanning 10 to 14 hours or even longer, they are constantly on their feet, capturing precious moments and ensuring every detail is documented flawlessly. Speeches before or after courses provide the only substantial break in the day's schedule, allowing the team to take a brief respite and recharge their energy.

Wedding speeches: would you have speeches between courses? Insights from a wedding photography and videography team.

Time to Eat:

During weddings, the photography and videography team focusing solely on capturing the event as it unfolds. Speeches before or after courses can provide a valuable opportunity for the team to finally sit down and recharge. This not only helps maintain their energy levels but also ensures they can continue providing at the top-of-their-game for the remainder of the day, it gives them a chance to reflect on their work so far and to plan for the final aspects of the day - often spending time considering locations for your golden hour portraits or how to best position themselves to capture the evening festivities.

Maintaining Alertness and Creativity:

Taking a break to eat and recharge during speeches between courses allows the photography and videography team to maintain their alertness and creative focus. By having a moment to rest and refuel, they can avoid the potential decline in performance that may come from exhaustion, desperation for a toilet break or outright hunger!

Adapting to Capturing Speeches:

Although speeches between courses can provide a break of sorts for the team, they can't 'down tools' and must also be prepared to capture these moments effectively and need to keep a listen out. They must be situated in close proximity to the wedding breakfast. Sometimes this is not logistically possible and there have been occasions where a speaker has started and the videography team haven't been notified nor had time to start recording!. Balancing their break time with being prepared to capture key moments requires skill and experience and often results in an exhausting schedule for the team.


Of course, all of this outlined above is from our very specific perspective - you might have a thousand and one reasons why this works for you and we will completely support you in that! We see the speeches between courses trend and can understand this might be the most attractive option to you and if it is, then of course we will support you in delivery and ensure you have the BEST DAY EVER!

Wedding speeches: would you have speeches between courses? Insights from a wedding photography and videography team.

Wedding speeches: would you have speeches between courses? Insights from a wedding photography and videography team.

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